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As a passionate traveler and a devoted food lover, I’ve always believed that one of the most immersive ways to connect with a new place is through its cuisine. Whenever I arrive somewhere new, the first question on my mind isn’t what to see but what to eat. That’s why I created this site.

Let us be your culinary guide to discovering the quintessential dishes from around the globe. As someone who believes that the quickest way to understand a new culture is through its cuisine, I want to help my fellow food enthusiasts who are eager to explore the world, one bite at a time. Whenever I travel, my first curiosity is always about what the locals eat. Traditional Food is built on that curiosity, focusing solely on what dishes to try, whether you’re visiting a new country or seeking a taste of international flavors at home.

Our site meticulously lists must-try dishes from each country, providing a clear and concise reference for travelers and food lovers alike. From the creamy risottos of Italy to the spicy, tangy flavors of authentic Thai street food, our goal is to help you pinpoint the exact dishes that define each culture’s culinary identity. Traditional food is your first step toward an unforgettable taste adventure, guiding you on where to go and what to eat, exploring with us, and preparing you to dine like a true local wherever your travels may take you!

About the Author

My is Eddie, I’m the creator behind Traditional Food, a platform born from my journey as a full-time nomad. Since 2016, I’ve been exploring the world by van, sailboat, and occasionally backpacking, seeking not just the sights but the flavors that define each place I visit. In 2018, my travels took on a new dimension when my wife, Kelli, joined me. Together, we’ve tasted our way across continents, discovering and documenting the must-try dishes wherever we go.

Our nomadic life is more than a choice; it’s a continuous adventure that feeds our souls and our appetites. Every destination is a new opportunity to connect with cultures through the universal language of food. Whether navigating the seas or rolling through scenic landscapes in our van, we’re on a quest to bring you the world’s culinary best, one dish at a time. Join us as we continue to explore, eat, and share the joy of discovery with you through Traditional Food.

The question I get most commonly about travel is, ‘what’s the best place you have ever visited?’ its an impossible question to answer.

My favorite cuisine is a little easier, though still difficult. While it is tough to nail down just one (and the answer often changes day to day), some of my favorite foods are Greek, Mexican, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese.